Going Beyond “Chameleon” Copywriting

Recently a marketer came to us for help. He’d pulled the plug on a high-profile launch – with some heavy-hitting JV partners – because the sales copy he’d paid good money for turned out to be sub-par. Scratch that. Frankly, the copy sucked. Rather go into a major launch armed with a pea-shooter, he decidedContinue Reading

How To Succeed As A Copywriter Without Ever Lying

My partner Michel Fortin recently introduced me to James Chartrand’s MenWithPens blog. James speaks with the authority of a grizzled veteran of the marketing trenches. His recent post on KissMetrics unsparingly carves up the seamy underbelly of the world’s third oldest profession -“salesmanship in print” – or copywriting. (You did know the copywriting profession hadContinue Reading

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