What Makes Us Unique

Copy Is Not Just About Words

Beyond generating a higher response, results-driven copywriting has a number of advantages. Granted, the words you choose are crucial — both in what you say and how you say it. But it’s also about building instant credibility, making a compelling statement, telling a persuasive story, and engaging your reader to take action.

Ultimately, you want your copy to work hard for you and generate the kind of results you seek. But those results are not limited to sales. Copy has an even greater job. Sure, you get a higher conversion rate from better copy. But beyond copy that gets people excited about your offering and increases your sales, you also get:

  • More mileage out of your copy and a greater return on your marketing investment. (For example, is your current copy pulling the maximum sales it can for the amount of traffic you’re getting or the mailing costs you’re now paying?)
  • The ability to answer objections and shrink buyer skepticism that impedes sales, lowers confidence and causes people to procrastinate.
  • A reduction in returns and refunds by educating your clients, boosting your credibility, increasing their confidence, helping them consume your product or service, and making them feel good about buying from you and referring others to you.
  • Finally, more peace of mind and time to do what YOU do best — of course, that’s growing your business or selling more products, right?

Our job goes beyond mere words.

In fact, it actually consists of three parts. The first one is to capture your readers’ attention. The second is to get them excited about your offering. And ultimately, the third is to get them to respond, whether it’s to click, signup, subscribe, call or, above all, buy.

That’s why we not only write compelling copy but also enhance it by injecting “hidden” persuasion tactics and psychological triggers proven to maximize your copy’s selling power.

However, unlike most copywriters who only write text, if you’re interested we can also optimize your copy’s “eye gravity” and boost its responsiveness by formatting it, adding tested visual commands, and suggesting the proper copy cosmetics (such as layout, typesetting, graphics, colors, and design) where appropriate.

We Call This Service “Copy Designing”

This service is optional. But if you decide to invest in this service in addition to copywriting, then along with your copy we will pay close attention to the cosmetics because they are just as critical. Copy cosmetics help to direct your readers’ eyes as well as their actions.

These cosmetics, among others, include:

  • Colors
  • Formatting
  • Layout
  • Typestyles
  • Highlighting
  • Notes
  • Teasers
  • Screens
  • Structure
  • Boxes
  • Borders
  • Scans
  • Scripts
  • Callouts
  • Graphics
  • Photographs
  • Placement
  • Order devices
  • Grabbers
  • Seals
  • Multimedia
  • Screenshots
  • Proof elements
  • And many others

For print salesletters, we format your copy using a rough layout so you can visually appreciate what we want your readers to see. Use this as a model you can duplicate and work from. Online, we copy your layout and use it as a template (or we create one for you), so we can write into it and add response-relevant elements where needed to maximize your sales. (Because of coding issues, this is applicable only with certain websites.)

If you choose our “copy designing” service, we only provide direction, examples, and suggestions, and we may offer some guidance as to how to best use your copy, such as providing a rough idea, composition, layout, or sketch to be used as a guide.

You can use the copy as is, however…

… Our copy should never be considered as web- or print-ready.

We are copywriters. While we might provide guidance in some areas, we are NOT editors, proofreaders, web designers, webmasters, typesetters, printers, graphic artists, multimedia experts, actors, voiceover professionals, programmers, doctors, or lawyers.

You will need to hire experts for those, as well as use the services of a competent legal, medical, or financial professional. It is your responsibility to have the copy approved (legally or otherwise), formatted, coded, uploaded, maintained, typesetted, mailed, or installed.

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