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Here’s What We’re Looking For

Your project must be viable. It’s either selling right now, or you have ample market research to prove that it’s it’s going to sell. We don’t like working on untested ideas, hunches, or poorly targeted offers. (No amount of great copy can sell a poor product.)

Our fee is based on the number of pages. A “page” is considered to be a letter-sized, 8.5″ x 11″ or A4 page when the copy is printed — even if it’s a website or web page. The base fee is $800 USD per page, depending on the project scope. Note that our minimum fee is $3,000 USD with ANY copywriting project, regardless of size. (Critiques are different. See below.)

The following is a list of projects we accept:

  • Salesletters. You can get a print or web salesletter based on our quote. We quote a minimum as we usually tend to overdeliver. So if we quote you 10 pages but we end up with 25 since we feel you need 25 to make the sale, 25 it is! (Without any extra charge.)
  • Advertisements. If you have (or need) a display ad for a magazine, newspaper or publication, we prefer editorial-style ads (known as “advertorials”) with densely packed copy and a call to action and response device.
  • Websites. If you have a multi-page website, with pages of up to 500 words each, we can write the copy if the website aims at inducing subscriptions, memberships, leads or sales.
  • Autoresponders. We can write copy for opt-in emails or sequential email series to use to follow up with leads or clients, increase product consumption, provide an email course, make backend or upsell offers, convert prospects to sales, or whatever.
  • Informercials. You can hire us to write copy for a radio or TV direct response commercial, usually 15 to 60 minutes in length (known as an “infomercial”), or longer in some cases. For TV, we can also write the visuals or storyboard along with the copy.

Note that each of the above is separate and considered as individual projects. For example, if you hire us to write a salesletter with an order form, that’s one project. But if you hire us to also write an opt-in page or an accompanying email autoresponder series, they are considered as additional projects — even though they might lead to the same outcome.

Also, you’re responsible for any direct, out-of-pocket expenses your project might incur, such as long distance phone charges, faxing, postage, printing, storage (such as hosting beyond your project’s 30 days), etc — if there are any. Usually, there are none.

Since every project is different, our copy designing services, including formatting and layout suggestions, if requested, are quoted on a per-project basis.

Critique Consultation Service

Our job consists of two components: figuring out WHAT to say and HOW to say it. The second part is usually the easiest. So if your copy exists but just needs improvement, we can simply critique it and give you a second opinion with some practical suggestions. Your investment will therefore be significantly less.

Is your copy stale and just needs a fresh pair of eyes? Are you about to launch a campaign but you’re just not sure if it will work? Or do you think you’re not getting the best mileage possible out of your current salesletter? Then run it by us to see what we think.

With a critique consultation, we review your copy and give you actionable recommendations you can implement right away. Keep in mind, however, that a critique is not just a quick, “at-a-glance” review. We thoroughly analyze your copy, go through it with a “fine-tooth comb,” and help you rewire it for maximum selling power.

Just one single idea can boost response dramatically. Aside from suggestions for boosting response, sales and profits, a second opinion on your copy can also provide you with:

  • Ideas that work on getting people to respond, whether it’s to join, subscribe, call, download, email or, of course, buy — ultimately, their aim is to drive customer actions.
  • A clear understanding of who you are; what you offer; why you offer it; who you offer it to; what makes it unique, special or different; and why people should act now.
  • A message that specifically matches your market and addresses their needs, goals, unique situations, egos, problems, awareness level, industry, and buying behaviors.
  • A position or “hook” that makes your business, product, or offer stand out (a “unique selling proposition”), as well as a sense of urgency that pushes people to act fast.
  • Compelling, hard-hitting copy with words that tell a compelling story, showcase your benefits, get them excited about your offering, and outline “reasons why.”
  • And additional ideas beyond words of areas that can strategically multiply your response rate, such as buying processes, cosmetics, “triggers,” visuals, “grabbers,” etc.

Your investment in a critique consultation varies depending on project size. It ranges between $1,000 and $3,000 per piece. (For instance, a short autoresponder series of up to seven emails is considered as one piece.) There are two options: a written critique, and a one-on-one critique (i.e., a phone- or web-based critique).

  • Option A: Written Copy Critique For $1,000 USD

With this option, we go through your copy and give you a complete “writeup,” where we list all the problems and bottlenecks that might impede sales as well as actionable recommendations you can implement right away.

  • Option B: “Live” Phone- or Web-Based Consultation For $3,000 USD

With this option, you consult with us by phone or even watch us “live” online, if you wish. With the latter, we share our desktop with you (all you need is an Internet connection), where you follow along as we go through your copy, step by step. You see what we see, hear what we say and watch what we type! Click here to see a sample video.

We do NOT record this session as it is an out-of-pocket expense. However, if you wish to record it yourself for your future reference, you can. We highly recommend Kay and Joshua Mitchell at They can record the consultation on audio or video for you. (At the time of this writing, they charge a little less than $100 an hour.)

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