Some Samples of Our Work

Check Out Actual Samples Of Our Work

Before we give you some actual examples of our work, first understand something important. Copywriting is salesmanship in print. That’s why we prefer, and specialize in, sales-driven direct response copy, particularly direct mail, email, and websites.

The bulk of our experience is in salesletters.

We wrote these sales letters and redesigned the look by adding “visual boosters” mentioned earlier. What’s more, our portfolio consists of many different and unrelated industries ranging from golfing equipment and dating services, to plastic surgeons and lawyers — even pet supplies, trading software and offshore investments.

Click the links below to see projects we’ve worked on. Or, if you would like to see the results or what these clients had to say about The Success Doctor, Inc., click here.

Important! Please Keep in Mind

The following samples are copies and were pulled from our local database. The official ones, if they exist online, may have since changed, and therefore these samples are not “live.” Some links may be broken or deactivated, however a few may still exist. Please do not click on any of the links or order buttons you see there. Thank you.

Of course, the above samples are mostly salesletters, which is what we specialize in. They are just a small sampling of our work. We have thousands of other pieces in our portfolio.

If you prefer to see samples of non-salesletter copy, such as standard websites, direct mail pieces, magalogs, autoresponder email series, TV infomercials, advertorials, or other, contact us and ask for a specific example of what you want to see.

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