Turnaround and Guarantee

Turnaround, Availability And Other Factors

All projects are payable 100% upfront, including any surcharges.

When you receive a quote from us and once we receive your financial commitment, a questionnaire will be sent to you, which needs to be completed and returned to us before we begin. Your answers will guide us in doing the best job possible for you.

After that, we immediately reserve your spot into our schedule and place you in the next available opening. If you do not submit your answers within 30 days, your project will be considered abandoned, and 50% of your payment will be forfeited and applied as a kill-fee.

Depending on our schedule, expect a turnaround of about 4-6 weeks. It can be more or less (often less), but timing varies according to availability, size of your project, number of jobs in queue, and the time it takes for you to answer the preparatory questionnaire. Critiques are typically done sooner, usually within a week or two.

Have a deadline to meet? We offer a rush service.

Although it’s often unnecessary, a rush service, if accepted, is for any project that’s required within a very specific timeframe or before the maximum turnaround. If you want us to meet a specific turnaround or deadline, you can order our rush service at a 50% surcharge.

This places your project next in the queue, and forces all other projects to be pushed down the line. Once we finish the project we’re working on at the time of your financial commitment, we then focus on your project.

So if for whatever reason we fail to meet your deadline (most likely for reasons beyond our control, although we do our earnest best to meet it), you are credited or refunded the 50% surcharge. However, this rarely happens.

Our Special 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You can have one revision free of charge within one month of receiving your initial draft. This allows you to up to thirty days to read your copy over and suggest any tweaks. (This is a $2,000-4,000 value.) We revise your copy and prepare a final draft for you for free.

Then, we’re done.

We can’t guarantee specific results, like a certain number of sales or a specific increase in conversion rate. It’s impossible since we’re not intimately involved with your business and cannot control how you intend to use the copy we’ve prepared for you. Everyone’s different and there are too many variables to make such a predictive commitment.

But we do want you to be elated with our work.

Once the first draft is delivered, our 30-day guarantee kicks in. That way, you have an entire month to try it out and see how well it pulls for you, which in our experience is usually ample time to test the copy and see how well it converts. (There are no extensions beyond the 30 days. Any revisions beyond 30 days will be charged accordingly.)

If you’re not 100% happy with the results for whatever reason within 30 days of delivery, we give you a complete revision free of charge. That means we either polish it or rewrite it entirely if we have to, for free, to make sure you’re thrilled with the copy.

However, once it’s done, we call it quits. After the final draft is delivered, the project is considered complete and copyrights are transferred to you — provided there are no unpaid balances, including any direct, out-of-pocket expenses.

Look at it this way: what you are getting from us are two serious attempts. If things don’t work out, you would be out of your investment in us. But we would also be out of an enormous amount of research, time and energy revising your copy for free — that we could have spent elsewhere working on other, paying clients.

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