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No matter how wildly talented your creative team is, if they can’t meet your deadlines your business will suffer. Our job is to guide winning campaigns from concept to completion, and eliminate the headaches that come from not knowing if your creative talent is on task.

It doesn’t matter if your copywriter is from our agency, a freelance copywriter, a member of your own staff, outsourced talent you deal with (and pay for) directly, or yourself, sometimes copywriting projects need to be managed both effectively and efficiently.

We set clear expectations for your team to follow, and we give them structure with detailed checklists, realistic milestones, and sensible schedules for all your deliverables — so you can monitor progress at each project-critical point along the way.

We’ll make sure your copy development process is up to the exacting standards our copy clients expect. If not, we’ll clearly say so. And, most importantly, we’ll give your outsourced talent the expert guidance they need to stay on track.

What we do for you with our hands-on Executive Copy Supervision:

  • Enforce and report on specific milestone progress
  • Help you find the best writer for your market
  • Coordinate collaboration between design and copy
  • Apply our proven standards to your copywriter’s work process
  • Provide corrective action before milestones are missed
  • Provide continuous communication with all team members
  • Rigorously assess copy quality before delivery

Achieve A Better Outcome With Our Executive Copy Supervision Team!

If you needed multiple pieces of copy for a new campaign, ideally you’d get a single copywriter who can provide all your deliverables. But you’ll likely need to book them months in advance and for a hefty fee. Or you may be forced to pay a premium to meet deadlines.

On the other hand, there are scores of talented copywriters who are not so in-demand but possess the necessary chops to deliver great copy. And they can be had for a reasonable investment. But without a track record, how can you be sure what you’re getting?

It’s during the development period when you’re most vulnerable to project gridlock. If your copywriter is not as efficient, your project can fall into limbo for days, or even weeks.

Freelancers are a great bridge solution when you realize you can’t do it all yourself but don’t quite have the resources to bring multiple functions under one roof. But when inevitable unexpected problems occur, you may start wondering why you didn’t just do it yourself.

Our Executive Copy Supervision service aims at eliminating those frustrations.

We’ve developed a common-sense system — refined over years of working with top marketers, copywriters, and web designers — that facilitates communication, smooths out workflow, and keeps everyone involved on task. And on time.

The System is Based on a Handful of Core Principles

Core Principle #1: Maximum transparency.

When you work with us, our management team’s sole focus is to get the best results possible for your project in the most efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner possible.

We can recommend talented copy and design pros from an extensive network of freelancers we’ve built up over the years, or we can work with freelancers you’ve chosen yourself. In either case, we work for you and no one else. And everyone involved works for you, not us.

No hidden agendas. No conflicting loyalties. No inflated markups.

Core Principle #2: No surprises.

Occasionally, we get a client who thought they had everything nailed down, only to later find out their reasonable request was considered “outside the scope” by the service provider. Now to be fair, there are times when a client can have unrealistic expectations.

But we’ve negotiated those hurdles from both sides of the table. We’ve worked with clients and also hired copywriters for our own marketing. So while our primary position is to be your advocate, we can act as an honest broker who has stood in your copywriter’s shoes as well.

Of course, it’s always preferable to avoid any potential problems. That’s why we insist on…

Core Principle #3: Managing expectations.

Getting everyone on the same page before the project starts is key. We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of projects over 20 years, so there’s not much we haven’t seen.

We’ll be with you from day one, making suggestions to you and your staff about potential speedbumps that can occur along the way. We’ll make sure there are not surprises, so your working relationship with your staff is an enjoyable one instead of a nightmare.

Ultimately, it’s you who has the final word. So we’ll stand beside you every step of the way.

Core Principle #4: You own the team, we’re your field general.

Our job is to take your vision and execute it using talent you’re comfortable with and pay for directly. You can leverage our considerable industry profile and ask us to find a writer for you, or you can hire your own people. The choice is yours.

We charge a flat rate for our supervisory services, and you pay the freelancers directly. So there’s never any confusion about who is working for whom.

We’ll set up a project management area and give your entire team access. You can monitor progress at any time of the day or night, and be notified when important milestones are met, without having to do any heavy lifting or hands-on managing of your team.

If there’s something that requires your attention, we’ll make sure you’re notified.

Core Principle #5: We’ll keep an eye on all the moving parts.

Contingencies are a fact of life, no matter how much planning you do. But chances are, if something happens to throw things off-track, we’ve successfully navigated it before.

So if your writer has a sudden emergency or doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll get on the line fast and provide you with an alternative to make sure your deadlines are respect.

As service providers ourselves, we’ll have the trust of your freelancers, but we also know when its time to be firm. We’ll also make sure they know the performance standards from the start. We do whatever it takes to keep your frustration level to an absolute minimum.

Here’s What You Get

  • Clear direction from initial concept to final delivery
  • Access to skilled writers and designers
  • Experience working with compliance issues and legal departments
  • A keen eye for substandard copy and knowledge of how to fix it
  • Uncompromising professional standards communicated to your freelancers

How We Work For You

  • Your Project Supervisor will give you access to our web-based project interface.
  • We have a conference call to discuss goals, timeframes, strategy and tactics.
  • You provide us with the names of your team, or we can submit a list of candidates.
  • We give your team access to the interface and grant them appropriate permissions.
  • We ensure everyone involved is held accountable with streamlined communication.
  • We develop easy-to-monitor milestones so you know your project is on track.
  • We make sure milestones/standards are met before signing off on any deliverables.
  • You pay freelancers directly according to terms you’ve mutually agreed with them.
  • We do not charge you for their services. They do. So we never markup their fees.

Fees For This Service and How to Start

Our Team Of Copy Supervisors consists of a core group of discerning, business-minded professionals who are both talented writers and experienced marketing consultants. Your supervisor will handle all the day-to-day tasks to keep things moving along smoothly.

We’ve worked both as freelancers and with freelancers, so we appreciate both sides of the equation in ways most other business owners might not. The bottom line for you is we know what it takes to bring your project home — on time, on quality, and on budget.

Since the overwhelming majority of copywriting projects run 3-4 weeks, we’ve come up with a simple price of only $997. That gets you up to five (5) weeks of expert guidance for your team, and the reassurance that you can go on about your business without worry.

It’s all structured to be extremely affordable, especially when you consider the alternatives. An average Marketing Project Manager’s salary is $84,000 per year* (or $7,000 per month), so our straightforward $997 per-project pricing for up to five weeks is a great alternative!

And if you have multiple projects, we do offer discounts.

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