We Transform Your Words Into Wealth

Have our team write your copy of give you a copy critique consultationIf you’re looking for tested, response-driven copy for your business or website, or if your copy is not pulling as much as you think it can, here’s how to attract more prospects to your business, and convert more prospects into paying customers — regardless of the economy or industry.

To inflate your response rate by 50%, 100%, even 500% or more as some of our clients have, let SuccessDoctor.com take your business to the next level… and beyond. Our copywriting and consulting services may give you the ammunition you need.

You can hire our crack team of salesletter specialists and conversion experts to craft an emotionally charged salesletter for you; overhaul your existing salesletter or website; or guide you on how to improve your copy with our critique consultation services.

SuccessDoctor.com is more than just a copywriting and direct marketing consultancy. We’re also fanatical testers. We’ve tested headlines, offers, colors, storylines, prices, positioning, graphics, order forms, guarantees, and much more.

What this means to you is, you get a higher chance of success because your copy is based on, or combined with, proven experience, actual results and tested conversion strategies. This privileged knowledge helped our clients make a little fortune as well. That’s why, when marketers demand hard-hitting copy that sells, we’re often the company they turn to.

We offer a variety of services.

  • Copy writing and editing services. We can write or rewrite your ad copy, salesletter, web copy, commercial script, email, or direct mail piece. We can write it from scratch or, if it already exists, rewrite your existing campaign to maximize its productivity.
  • Critique consultation services. We can review and critique your marketing materials, delivered either via written report or in a telemeeting (i.e., on the phone or via online video feed), and give you actionable recommendations on how to improve them.
  • Individual consulting and coaching services. We can advise you in depth on your copywriting, marketing, or sales strategy, with individualized attention tailored to meet your specific situation. We offer hourly sessions as well as a 30-day intensive program.
  • Copywriting project facilitation services. Or we can facilitate your copywriting project so that your chosen copywriter, whether you’ve hired a freelancer or work with in-house staff, to ensure they deliver your copy on time, on quality, and on budget.

Here’s How We Work Together

One you receive your quote, you will also receive details on how to proceed. These include several payment options, such as a special web page to process your payment, or where to mail your check or money order. Your payment is 100% payable upfront. No exceptions.

If you wish to keep our work confidential, a 100% surcharge applies. Of course, sensitive information will always be completely confidential with us. But this 100% surcharge simply means we cannot publicly use reprints of your copy, such as for our marketing or promotional efforts, or showcasing it in our portfolio.

Also, projects are done in the order they are received. But if you’re in a rush, please add the 50% rush surcharge, including critiques. (Critiques are in a separate queue.)

Get your initial copy assessment and quote today. This free initial consultation is a $95.00 value. This estimate is guaranteed for 30 days only. Right now, our schedule is booked up for the next few months (some spaces are still left). So we encourage you to act quickly.

Once you go ahead, send us your materials by email (links are fine, too), which is preferred, or by fax or postal mail, when you order. Submitted materials will not be returned and may be published as examples. So do not submit materials you wish to keep confidential (unless you have agreed to adding the 100% confidentiality fee). Click here to go to the next level.

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