What Others Say About Michel Fortin

Please read this important disclosure statement about our testimonials.

Here’s a very short list of the many testimonials our office receives on an almost weekly basis. These references are general testimonials that are about Michel Fortin and his work. However, if you would like to see some actual results achieved by SuccessDoctor.com, including sales and conversion rates our copy produced, check out these testimonials.

Here’s a Sampling Of What People Say

"I’ve known Mike for some 7 years now and regularly send traffic to his sites. He’s one of the few sales copy experts on the web that really walks the talk, so I know people I send to him will be happy with my referral."
— Jim Daniels
Make a Living Online

"Michael is one of the top copywriters in America if not the whole world! If you want to boost your business and add dollars to your bottom-line, he’s definitely the guy you must listen to!"
— Mike Litman
The Mike Litman Show

"Wow! That was amazingly fast. The copy is perfect! Thank you! Your work is AMAZING!"
— Miguel Alvarez
Third Sphere Hosting

"What else can I say… But wow!!! As we say here in California, ‘You’re the man.’ This is awesome stuff! Fact is, it may be my product, but you wrote such a great sales letter that I even want to order a copy from me! Michel, I don’t mean to gush, but I simply want to tell you I’m extremely pleased with the web sales letter that you pulled together for me."
— Preston Campbell
Teleseminar Success Secrets

"WOW! What a difference!!! The copy is so much more direct about what the customer gets! I see, now, why our website wasn’t a draw! I’m overusing the ‘!!!’, here, but that’s how I feel about the work you’ve done. I love the new slogan, too!"
— Rochelle Treister
Correct Me If I’m Wrong

"Man, you really know your stuff! I’m sooo pleased! And the website looks absolutely beautiful. In fact, in just the last few minutes (after I uploaded the new copy), I received five orders! Man, I love it when that happens… I’m so pumped! Plus, the upsell page kicks ass! Good job. To tell you the truth, I’m very impressed with your expertise — wish I had known about you a long time ago. Geezus, I’m so happy with what you’ve done, I have included an extra $500 bonus!"
— Larry Trocha
Horse Training Videos

"Mike, that is, quite simply, one of the best letters I have ever read! You are a genius!!! Thank you! Is there any other way that I can repay you… Other than your fees, of course?!"
— Bill Hammond
KC Elder Law

"The copy you did on my websites is absolutely brilliant! Sales are a lot better! You’re the only one I hire for writing my copy and recommend you to anyone."
— Simon Grabowski
Get Response

"Michel, thank you for your copy! You have done a great job for me! When I put your sale letter online, I could not believe that it CAN bring me so many sales for my simple ebook. Wow! What I made today was all because of your great work! Thank you very much!!! I asked you so many things during and beyond the project, and every time you gave me more than what I asked from you. Now, orders are rolling in, NON-STOP!

"No language can really express my true feelings except to say "thank you"! I’ll use your service all the time in the future. And I will try my best to tell everybody to see Michel Fortin when they want to make a killer, successful sales letter on the ‘Net because he is truly the ‘Success Doctor’! Let’s keep in touch and hope to hear from you soon! All the best."
— Jian Wang
Mr. Change

"When I received your web copy last week, I must say I was immediately impressed! In fact, the words you’ve used get the point across exactly and I’m struggling to find anything I’d change. Great work! Thanks."
— Paul Graham
Active Gambling

"Michel Fortin is the King of Copywriting on the web. Check out his site. And while you’re there, you’ll also want to subscribe to his free newsletter as it’s loaded with excellent content to help you become a better copywriter. He’s the Man!"
— Merle Stinett
Ezine Ad Auction

"I finally got to meet copywriter extraordinaire Michel Fortin, in person, at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar Internet Marketing event in August in San Francisco. We just barely missed each other at Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar event last June in Cleveland. So I’m glad that I finally got a chance to chat a bit with him this time. He’s quickly becoming the copywriter of choice for many online marketers. It’s no surprise why. Michel Fortin consistently writes super winning sales letters — his copy pulls like crazy!"
— John Reese
Marketing Secrets

"I had a good deal of experience prior to my first Internet marketing effort in 1993. Yet Michel’s thinking ‘grabbed’ hard. He is truly a remarkable person, one of boundless energy, upbeat and always positive, as well as the creator of one great idea after another. Few have approached his strong grasp of marketing, online or offline. (He) will have an enormous positive impact on you, your business and your BOTTOM LINE

. My business has improved quite markedly, and the path ahead is clear — you will find this true of yourself. Just settle in and listen to what he reveals. Then let his thinking have its way with you."
— Bob McElwain
Site Tips and Tricks

"What most people sometimes miss is that, whatever fees are paid to a copy writer of Michel Fortin’s stature, it’s indeed an investment. The boost in conversion and sales from his work pays for the one time, initial cost, over and over again. Michel’s work is definitely tops."
— Bob Silber
Internet Marketing Law Products

"Michel, as to the email advertorial you wrote for me, it is OUTSTANDING, my friend! It is very smooth, it sets up a good case and it piles the values on! And it even made ‘me’ want to buy it! I will use it as is."
— Dr. Sheldon Nix
The Successful Practice Institute

"As I start using the Internet to sell, I’ve been sucking up all the seminars I can. I listened to  John Carlton. And I spent thousands of dollars to acquire this knowledge. But you covered all of the points — and more — that John Carlton did but with an articulation that I’ve never seen from any of the other experts. You thoroughly covered the art of writing copy with the same enthusiasm you taught us to use in our copy. It was awesome!"
— Randy Arras (from)
Web Copy Explained

"Your critique is fantastic! I have read it more than a dozen times and taken pages of notes. Right now, I am in the process of implementing all your suggestions and I will let you know soon how it goes. Thanks so much!"
— Brad Walker
The Stretching Handbook

"I wish to thank you and tell you how powerful our Power Prescription conversation was yesterday. Your energy, passion, and wisdom turbo charged me to the next level. You exceeded all my expectations and gave me value — value far beyond my investment. Thanks for all the marketing tips and incredible insights. You have given me direction and focus — two of the major things I requested. You obviously did your homework on me.

"Above all, I am impressed with how well-prepared you were. I really appreciate that. I really don’t know where all the time went. Heck, I never looked at my watch — and, apparently, you didn’t either. Thank you for that! Well, I can’t write much more… You have given me too much homework to do. I can’t wait to get started! I can honestly say that anyone who hires you will, I believe, immediately agree that you certainly earned your name, ‘Success Doctor’. Thank you!"
— Larry Lipman
Fun Team Building

"Michel, thank you for your critique of my web copy and very prompt reply. To be honest, I’m reeling with shock! You are absolutely right. I shall rectify the situation quam celerrime (as soon as possible). Again, many thanks for your suggestions."
— Patricia
Deal on Bracelets

"I attended many of Michel Fortin’s seminars. Michel is very excited about the business he is in. He also believes in what he does and passing onto others his deep enthusiasm for marketing. Michel’s talks are thorough, with many common sense and practical methods. He is also a very good writer, and he can prepare handout literature that is meaningful.

"I am the owner of a small business and director of a local association, and I very much enjoyed listening to him. His enthusiasm is very contagious. He is generous with the information that he gives and always gives more than is expected. I highly recommend Michel Fortin as a speaker for your next event."
— Gerry Scherling
Ottawa Small Business Association

"I just want to let you know what a great job you do with your writing, Michel. You are truly a marketing communications master! Several of your articles are in my database. Now, I could probably link to a lot more, but you’ve got so much good stuff! Thank you, Michel."
— Dr. Ralph Wilson
Wilson Web

"One of Internet marketing’s most celebrated heavy weights… Michel can dramatically transform any mediocre online presence into an irresistible and profitable one."
— Jerome Chapman
Top Ezine Ads

"I’ve been thinking for some time now that I needed to send you a ‘thank you note’. I have been reading your articles for years. I started a business in ’98 selling carpet on the Internet, even though, at the time, I knew nothing about it. I decided it would be a non-competitive market (‘who would want to sell carpet on the internet?’ I asked myself) and would allow me to learn about this whole new Internet thing. I showed carpet on the web site, sent out some samples, and used a wholesaler (in Georgia) to deliver the goods. I made some money, but it was a lot of work. A lot of hand holding of customers was required, and my time was a limiting factor in how much money I could make.

I had read one or two of your articles at the time where you stressed the importance of niche marketing. So, after thinking about it and then applying it to my industry, I came up with the neat idea of selling carpets and area rugs with children’s designs on them (animals, game boards, etc). And although there were many reasons that I thought this would work, I would have to say that reading your article may be the single biggest push for me to move in that direction. Today, things are going very well!"
— Jim Banks
Kid Carpet

Some Actual Results Achieved

Remember, these references are general in nature, and are specifically about Michel Fortin, his character, and his work. Some do not reflect his actual services. However, if you would like to see some actual results achieved by Michel Fortin and SuccessDoctor.com, including sales and conversion rates our copy produced, check out these testimonials.

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