About Andy and Shawn Catsimanes, VPs

About Andy Catsimanes, VP of Marketing and Operations

Andy CatsimanesAndy and Shawn Catsimanes, a husband and wife team, joined successdoctor.com’s growing agency in September 2006.

Not long ago, Michel realized what his clients most want is more direct access to him, and the insights he’s gained as a successful marketer and personal copywriter to some of the biggest names in business, in marketing, and on the Internet.

Obviously, there wasn’t enough “Michel” to go around. That’s when he tapped both Andy and Shawn to oversee project management and client relations at successdoctor.com

Andy Catsimanes is a talented copywriter in his own right. In fact, when Michel approached him to join his team, he had hired Andy in the past to work on some of his own copy. His results were nothing short of amazing. Andy has since been a major contributor to the growth of successdoctor.com

As Vice-President of Marketing and Operations, his first job is to personally review your quote request or inquiry, and work with you to determine the precise marketing and copywriting strategies uniquely suited to your business. Then he will keep your copy and marketing projects on track from start to finish.

Since joining The Success Doctor’s team, he has gained many fans for his astonishing ability to diagnose ailing businesses, pinpoint trouble spots, and make specific recommendations geared to achieve quick turnaround results. Whether you need a simple autoresponder series or a landing page — or fresh ideas for new products, websites or marketing strategies to maximize sales and conversions — Andy will get the ball rolling.

When he’s not fielding calls from our clients, Andy can be found on the hiking trails with his “uncharacteristically energetic” Basset hound, “Viggo,” or feeding his passion for Florida Gator sports. And if you are a fan of the gameshow Jeopardy!, you just may have seen a familiar face on a couple of recent shows.

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About Shawn Catsimanes, VP of Client Services

Shawn CatsimanesShawn Catsimanes is not only Andy’s wife and business partner, but her background in office management and customer service made her the perfect candidate for Vice-President of Client Services. As “the queen of systemization,” a title by which her peers and clients know her, she keeps everyone and everything on track, and is a wizard when it comes to spreadsheets.

She is a true jokester, too. Shawn has a knack for turning frowns into smiles in a heartbeat. She just loves making people happy. As such, she has become an important asset to SuccessDoctor.com If you have a question or concern, she’s always ready to work with you to find a satisfactory result.

But don’t let her administrative skills and personable nature fool you. Shawn Catsimanes is also a talented writer. She has helped Michel and Andy on many occasions, and she often provides them with insights that can help turn so-so projects into winners.

Though she’s a master researcher and a capable copywriter as well, Shawn’s true love is writing fiction. She spends her spare time working on one of her three novels. Don’t be surprised to see her name on the cover of a bestseller while standing in the checkout line someday soon. Says Shawn with her usual grin, “Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?”

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